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Evil Demon Bicycle 04/29/2009

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I’ve been trying to find new ways to get my cardio in because I’ve heard all that stuff about not letting your body adjust to the same workout. I found my mom’s old bike in the basement, and besides needing the tires filled, it was in perfect condition. I was so excited to start riding….but I think that thing has it out for me. It’s evil.

I went on a Monday to a local gas to fill up the tires. I didn’t notice that I had overfilled one until I had gotten home, so I had to deflate it and go back to fill it up again the next day. When I went to lift the bike up to put it in the back of the truck, the handlebars swung around and hit me in the head. Then one of the pedals got caught on the fence and I was knocked into the side of the bike. After filling the tires, I somehow cut my finger on the bike. I’m still not sure how that happened. And after all that, I haven’t even been able to ride the bike yet. The week before I took it out of storage we were having really nice weather. Then all of last week after I filled the tires it snowed almost everyday. We haven’t had a nice day since. I’m telling you….that bike is evil. I’m a little worried to even ride it at all. It may try to toss me off into traffic or something.


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