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Demon Bike Strikes Again! 05/01/2009

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ARGH! Today was the first truly nice day we’ve had here since I filled the tires on DB (Demon Bike). I was pretty anxious about getting out and riding it, partly because I think it has it out for me, and partly because it has been a very long time since I was on a bike. I woke up today and the sun was shining, there were no clouds in sight and it was toasty warm outside. I decided that today was the day.

I took the bike for a couple of trial laps around my neighbourhood, making sure that everything worked okay, the seat was the right height and comfortable, the breaks worked, etc. Everything was great. It all worked perfectly and it felt really nice to be outside. I came back home to grab some water and then I was off. And that’s when the day started to unravel….

Three blocks away from my house I came out of an alley and saw a car coming at me, so I hit the brakes to try and slow down. The left brake popped right out if it’s holder and wouldn’t work. I was this close –> <– to running into the side of that car. Luckily, the woman driving it swerved out of the way in time, and she even smiled at me when I yelled sorry (Thanks nice lady!!). I managed to fix the brake enough so that it would work, and I was off again. There’s a really beautiful park with a reservoir right by my house, as well as a bunch of trails and a nature center. I headed off in that direction, and about ten minutes later, I noticed that the seat of the bike kept twisting around. I stopped and got off to see if I could tighten it, and the entire thing came off, and wouldn’t go back on properly. I couldn’t sit on it straight, it would either tilt forward or back and come very close to falling off. I won’t even get into how badly it was assaulting my lady parts. Needless to say, I started heading home, hoping I could make it back in one piece. Not even halfway there I had to get off and start walking the bike, because riding was impossible. Adding insult to injury, the bike decided to ram the pedals into the back of my leg a few times on the way there. Evil, evil bicycle!!! Besides looking like a tool in my helmet, I was really psyched about riding it, and now I have a bunch of repairs to make before I can even take it out again. And they’re repairs I’m not even sure I want to make, considering how old and worn the bike is. So back to the treadmill for now, a lovely piece of equipment that has never tried to kill me.


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