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Absence Made My Thighs Get Bigger? 05/28/2009

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Ha….kidding. In the three weeks since my last weigh in on here, I’ve lost 4.5lbs. According to the scale this morning it’s actually 6.5 lbs, but I only weigh in officially once a week, so I’ll have to wait until Monday.

Generally, when I fall off the face of the earth like this it means I have completely abandoned my goals and plans and have reverted back to my ways of much too much. Fortunately, in the last (almost) three months, I have formed some pretty good habits. Healthy eating is the go to now, instead of the after thought. When I’m hungry I don’t reach for chips, or candy, or fast food. Instead I have things like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The downside is that I eat pretty much the same thing everyday, but that will only become a problem once I get sick of it, which I hope won’t be for awhile. My diet used to revolve around convenience, and taste. I would purposefully avoid the nutrition labels on the back of my frozen chicken wings, and boxes of oreos, just grabbing handfuls whenever I felt like it, and then trying to pretend like nothing ever happened. I don’t even really eat packaged food anymore. I haven’t had any sort of frozen meal, frozen breaded fish, canned soup or anything else along those lines for at least a month. And I find that I’m not missing it at all.

I started this “journey” at 225.5 and I said I wanted to be under 200 (something I haven’t seen in a good 4 years) by my 20th birthday. My birthday happens to be two weeks from tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I’ll make the goal. I weighed in at 206.5 this morning (unofficial weigh-in, since it’s not Monday) so that means I have 7lbs to lose in 2 weeks. I’ve upped the intensity of my workouts, and the frequency. Everyday so far this week I’ve gone on the treadmill and done a strength training workout….so hopefully that will pay off.

This is a really important goal for me….because I see turning 20 as officially becoming an adult, since you no longer have the word ‘teen’ attached to your age. And I really don’t want to enter adulthood weighing 200lbs or more. It won’t kill me, but it would be nice to see a 1 in front of my weight….like a sign of good things to come.

Something else I’m super excited about…. the awesome ladies over at http://weightlosswiththefabulousfatties.wordpress.comare holding their second Fabulous Fatties Challenge, and today is the last day to join. It starts tomorrow, May 29th, and goes for 2 weeks, until June 12th (whoo hoo!! My birthday!!). You get points for different things you do, like eating fruits and vegetables, doing a good deed, and working out. I think it’s an awesome idea and I’m really excited about it. So go join!!


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