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NSV!!! 06/09/2009

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In the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogs, and marvelling at the random appearances of NSV’s. I had no idea what they meant, until I came across someone who was kind enough to define it….Non-Scale Victory. I’ve had a few of those along this neverending journey, but my first big one happened a few nights ago.

I’ve mentioned before that I like running. If I’m on the treadmill, plain old walking bores the crap out of me. Ten minutes of that and I lose my will to live. I start strategizing about other things I could be doing to workout…like, how about I blindfold myself and try to navigate the war zone of open boxes in my basement. I prefer running…. I’m concentrating so hard on breathing properly and not tripping over my own feet that I don’t have time to think about doing anything else. When I started this three months ago….225 and out of breath from taking the stairs too quickly… I could barely run a 1/4 mile without passing out. It took everything I  had to complete a 21 minute workout….and only 6 minutes of it was running. About a minute into my second interval I was convinced that hell did in fact exist…and had taken up residence on my treadmill. Thankfully, my love of running, however faint it was at that time, kept me from stopping.

At the height of running abilities, I was able to run 1/2 a mile on my dad’s treadmill, from what I remember. I aspired to that for a long time, and since I was a good 40 or 50lbs lighter then…I assumed it would take me a long time to get back to that. It was less than a month in that I hopped on the treadmill and ran 1/2 a mile at once. I was ecstatic. And then a few weeks ago I ran 3/4 of a mile at once. I thought I would pee my pants I was so excited. I wanted to tackle a full mile, but I was scared of failure.

Last Saturday…I hadn’t had the best day, and I wanted to have a good reason to remember that day, not a bad one. And I finally did it. I ran a full mile. 12 minutes. And I didn’t feel like I would pass out at the end. And I did it again the next day. I’m not the best with follow through, so achieving something like that meant a lot to me. And this whole not quitting thing is really paying off. I weighed in yesterday and I was at 202. Which means I am 2.5lbs away from my original goal. I doubt I’ll get there by Friday…but knowing I’m this close, that to reach this goal I’m climbing a hill, not a mountain, feels really nice.


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