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Weigh In #8 05/04/2009

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Blaaaaaah. I weighed in this morning and was greeted with a .5lb gain. It sucks, but I feel better knowing that it wasn’t because I made bad choices. I got my period less than 24 hours before weighing in, and I definitely felt bloated. The one thing that I can say was a bad choice on my part was my salt intake on the weekend. I went to a movie on Saturday and had a small popcorn (which I worked into my calories for the day), but I know that has a ridiculous amount of salt. I also ate sushi from the grocery store on Sunday, which is also quite high in sodium. I tried to drink a lot of water to balance it out, but I think I retained a lot of it overnight, which I can attribute to part of the weight gain. Normally this would make me feel really crappy, but honestly, it’s only half a pound, I’m on my period, and the last thing I need is an excuse to go binge. Beating myself up about it will just make me go running for any bad food I can find.

That being said… has been really hard. I combined my breakfast and lunch at about 11:30 in the morning, and then had a granola bar and some crackers. I’ve been fighting the urge to go crazy on the easter chocolates and chips that are in the kitchen. But I won’t. Because I don’t want to spend a week trying to make up for one crappy day. My weight loss plan is about constantly moving forward, not two steps forward, one step back.

So….my plan is to make a healthy dinner, skip the exercise today since I have cramps and no motivation, and plan my meals for the rest of the week. I think I’ll be okay. Midol is on the way and I should be back to normal in no time.


Demon Bike Strikes Again! 05/01/2009

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ARGH! Today was the first truly nice day we’ve had here since I filled the tires on DB (Demon Bike). I was pretty anxious about getting out and riding it, partly because I think it has it out for me, and partly because it has been a very long time since I was on a bike. I woke up today and the sun was shining, there were no clouds in sight and it was toasty warm outside. I decided that today was the day.

I took the bike for a couple of trial laps around my neighbourhood, making sure that everything worked okay, the seat was the right height and comfortable, the breaks worked, etc. Everything was great. It all worked perfectly and it felt really nice to be outside. I came back home to grab some water and then I was off. And that’s when the day started to unravel….

Three blocks away from my house I came out of an alley and saw a car coming at me, so I hit the brakes to try and slow down. The left brake popped right out if it’s holder and wouldn’t work. I was this close –> <– to running into the side of that car. Luckily, the woman driving it swerved out of the way in time, and she even smiled at me when I yelled sorry (Thanks nice lady!!). I managed to fix the brake enough so that it would work, and I was off again. There’s a really beautiful park with a reservoir right by my house, as well as a bunch of trails and a nature center. I headed off in that direction, and about ten minutes later, I noticed that the seat of the bike kept twisting around. I stopped and got off to see if I could tighten it, and the entire thing came off, and wouldn’t go back on properly. I couldn’t sit on it straight, it would either tilt forward or back and come very close to falling off. I won’t even get into how badly it was assaulting my lady parts. Needless to say, I started heading home, hoping I could make it back in one piece. Not even halfway there I had to get off and start walking the bike, because riding was impossible. Adding insult to injury, the bike decided to ram the pedals into the back of my leg a few times on the way there. Evil, evil bicycle!!! Besides looking like a tool in my helmet, I was really psyched about riding it, and now I have a bunch of repairs to make before I can even take it out again. And they’re repairs I’m not even sure I want to make, considering how old and worn the bike is. So back to the treadmill for now, a lovely piece of equipment that has never tried to kill me.


Evil Demon Bicycle 04/29/2009

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I’ve been trying to find new ways to get my cardio in because I’ve heard all that stuff about not letting your body adjust to the same workout. I found my mom’s old bike in the basement, and besides needing the tires filled, it was in perfect condition. I was so excited to start riding….but I think that thing has it out for me. It’s evil.

I went on a Monday to a local gas to fill up the tires. I didn’t notice that I had overfilled one until I had gotten home, so I had to deflate it and go back to fill it up again the next day. When I went to lift the bike up to put it in the back of the truck, the handlebars swung around and hit me in the head. Then one of the pedals got caught on the fence and I was knocked into the side of the bike. After filling the tires, I somehow cut my finger on the bike. I’m still not sure how that happened. And after all that, I haven’t even been able to ride the bike yet. The week before I took it out of storage we were having really nice weather. Then all of last week after I filled the tires it snowed almost everyday. We haven’t had a nice day since. I’m telling you….that bike is evil. I’m a little worried to even ride it at all. It may try to toss me off into traffic or something.


Run, Run, Run

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I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind running. I actually like it. The treadmill is my preferred piece of equipment. I’m on it almost everyday. It was a Christmas present in 2004 and while it’s been a rocky relationship, I do love it. In the few months after I got the treadmill, I got down to 196, which was my lowest weight in awhile. I’d been hovering around the 205 mark for awhile, but I didn’t have a scale at home. The only opportunity I had to weigh myself was at my dad’s house every two weeks when I would stay with him. Knowing that my next encounter with the scale was two weeks away left me a lot of room to cheat. To manipulate my plan and do exactly what I wanted. I quickly gained the weight back plus some. I’m thankful that I have never gained weight rapidly. Since Christmas 2004 I’ve probably put on another 20lbs, but that’s four years, so it isn’t a lot. Still…225 is sickening enough.

I’m in love with my treadmill right now. We’ve been having some problems lately…It was leaving me injured and cranky. I could tell that I was on my way to shin splints, but I was too stubborn to give up my routine entirely. Instead I was icing my legs, stretching and taking aspirin before every workout. It was helping, but I was still fighting it. Then I finally realized that I could keep going on the treadmill, I just had to change up my routine. So that led to last weeks five workouts of speed walking. I HATE speedwalking. I just want to break into a run, but instead I’m forced to walk at that torturous pace for what seems like forever. The one nice thing about it was that I didn’t need music as much to motivate me so instead I was watching movies on my iPod during my workouts.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up that routine for another week. I wanted to change it up a bit so my body doesn’t adjust, and any excuse to not speedwalk is good enough for me. So today when I got on the treadmill I decided to mess with the pre-programmed things on it. There are intervals and a “weight loss” setting. I would tell you what that means, but I lost my manual forever ago, so I have absolutely no idea. I chose intervals and then blindly picked a level hoping that I wasn’t getting myself in too deep. It worked out fine, and I ended up spending an hour on there without even realizing it. I think I’ll play around with it a little more tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Weigh In #7 04/27/2009

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I’m always nervous on Sundays. When I go to sleep I know that I will be weighing in the next morning. That weigh-in will either confirm all the hardwork I’ve done over the last week, or confirm any of the bad choices I’ve made. It’s fairly easy to brush off any mistakes I’ve made, like eating a cheeseburger, or only working out twice, when I don’t have to face the consequences. Seeing the results on the scale make everything very real. I gained weight last week, due to not great choices. I tried my hardest this week, planning almost every meal and working out 5 days out of the week. I wanted to lose the weight I gained last week, plus a little, because I don’t want to keep jumping back and forth between a certain set of numbers. That’s frustrating and it completely drains me of motivation.

Getting on the scale this morning I was nervous. Really nervous. But thankfully…my efforts in the last week really paid off. Down 6lbs!! I lost the weight I gained last week plus another 3.5lbs!! Whoo hoo! I was so happy I started jumping up and down. Then I weighed myself twice more to make sure it was right. Yay!!


This Is Why You’re Fat? 04/26/2009

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I was bored today and surfing the web on my computer when I came across the website Have any you been there? It’s shocking.

I’ll be the first to admit that my eating habits used to be pooooor. I didn’t care about calories, or what the food I was putting into my body was doing to it. I ate everything I wanted, without so much as a second thought. Now that I count calories and I have a much greater understanding of what my relationship with food should be like, going to that website almost made me sick to my stomach. Here are a couple of examples of the foods on there…

Mega Mel Burger – 5lbs Beef, 1lb Bacon 1/4lb Cheese. This thing had to be over a foot tall, but I really didn’t doubt that the massive man photographed behind it was going to inhale every last piece of it.

McGangBang – A McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger. I can’t even begin to imagine the calories in this thing, but I do think the name is kind of amusing.

Deep Fried Pepperoni Pizza – I love pizza. Looove it. I also know that traditional crust pizzas, even with only a few toppings will run you 400-500 calories per piece. Wonder what that number jumps to when you deep fry it? And really….doesn’t pizza taste good enough already? Why deep fry it?

I had a huge reality check recently when I decided to find out how many calories were in my favorite meal from McDonald’s. I would always get the double quarter pounder with extra cheese, large fries, and a large diet coke. Turns out that’s about 1400 calories. That’s about what I eat in an entire day now!

Taking a break from that kind of food, you really realize the negative affects it has had on your body. When I eat healthy I need less sleep, I have more energy, my skin is better and I’m just happier. I slipped up last week and decided to have some chicken wings and onion rings. Man was I feeling sick afterwards. My stomach was killing me and I had trouble falling asleep that night. I’m glad I ate it though, because it was really a lightbulb moment for me. I function so much better when I treat my body with the respect it deserves.  I have two cats, and I would never dream of feeding them any of the crap I was eating on a daily basis. So why would I do that to myself?

I was amused looking at some of the creations on the website, but none of it looked appetizing. Two months ago that site probably would have been inspiration for disgusting, unhealthy meals. Now it’s motivation for me to workout more and eat even better.


Here I Am! 04/25/2009

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I haven’t been fat my whole life.  But close enough. I started gaining weight in the 6th grade. I had started the year at a new school and made a lot of friends. Unfortunately, a month into the year we moved and I had to switch schools. Almost immediately, I was the new torture victim of the boys in my class. I had 4 out of my 6 classes with all the same people, and almost everyday I left both my math and science classes crying. My teacher ignored it, and no one else understood how serious it was. I was alone, and sad and turned to food. Everyday I was eating loads of junk food from the vending machines, and it didn’t take long for me to start putting weight. It was right around the time I hit puberty, and I felt awkward and just horrible. The rest of middle school wasn’t much better, and over the last 8 years leading up to now, I managed to get up to 225.

I’ve spent my entire adolescence and young adult hood overweight, and it’s a hard identity to shed. As much as I hate the weight and wish I could wake up in the morning 100lbs smaller, it has also been a layer of protection for me. I can opt out of things simply because I’m too big, instead of saying that I’m scared. Once I lose the weight I won’t have anymore excuses and I’ll have to confront who I really am, and what I’m really afraid of. It’s terrifying, but I think I’m finally ready.

I started this new “journey” about five weeks ago, and it hasn’t been without its ups and downs. The first week went really well, I cut down substantially on my calories and exercised almost everyday, and at the week of the week I had lost 5lbs. The second week I lost 3.5lbs. The week after that didn’t go so well, which I think I can blame mostly on my monthly visitor. I gained 1.5lbs, and it was fairly depressing. I also started having problems with my knee and calf muscles in my right leg, so I wasn’t exercising as much. That week, I lost 3lbs, though I’m not sure how. Last week suuuuucked. I mean, it was fun and I had a great time, but I ate horribly. I had chinese food (though it was only soup and 2 spring rolls), went out for sushi twice and had pizza. Needless to say, I gained weight, 2.5lbs to be exact. So that brings my total to 8lbs lost.

That isn’t a lot of weight, but I can already see and feel my body changing. This week has been great. I ate pretty crappy on monday, but I felt so sick and awful afterwards that I think it has put me off of crap food for awhile. I’ve been eating great, keeping my calories to around 1300 and exercising everyday. I’m looking forward to weighing in this week, hoping to lose at least 2lbs so I can get back up to 10lbs lost.

I’m ridiculously camera shy. I’m that girl who puts up her hands to shield her face whenever a camera is taken out. Obviously then, I don’t have very many pictures of myself. The few that I do have are of just me, and they were only saved because I feel like they don’t make me look “fat and disgusting.” I would spend hours focussing on angles and lighting to make myself look better. The picture that I’m posting is one of the few that I think is actually an accurate representation of what I look like, but isn’t unflattering. I’ll be taking more pictures as soon as I get a camera, of my food, of my progress, basically everything. 🙂